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Feel Good Function Well Coaching

Feel Good Function Well: Plant the Seed

Feel Good Function Well: Plant the Seed


Complete an online Identity personality profile questionnaire, then have a 1 hour coaching session to explore what this means for you (including goal setting).

Identity is a self-perception questionnaire which looks at three main areas: interpersonal, thinking and coping styles.  Having this as a resource is a great way to start connecting with yourself - our first Pillar of Resilience and Wellbeing!

Identity profile + 1 hour coaching =  £125 

Coaching is intended to bring out the best in you. 

It promotes learning, understanding and future development,

where change is key.  It creates an environment where you can explore self leadership, find your own solutions and unlock your full potential. 

Coaching conversations enable you to focus on your current situation  and the steps needed to move forward to where you want to be. 

Through this focus you should be able to learn more, work smarter, improve performance and enhance the quality of your life. 

Feel Good Function Well: Deepen your Roots


Dive into a one-off 3 hour coaching session where we will explore where you are now, where you want to get to and actions you need to take to get there.

You will be stretched and challenged using a variety of coaching tools to identify goals  for you to work towards after your coaching.

3 hour coaching + workbook + summary  =  £180 

Feel Good Function Well: Deepen your Roots

Feel Good Function Well: Strengthen your Wings


Spread your coaching over a period of time to enable you to identify your goals and then check in on your progress.

1 hour a month for 6 months enables you time in between sessions to take action and have ongoing support whilst you implement positive change in your life.   

6 hour coaching + workbook + summary  =  £360


Please note that timescales can be adjusted to suit your needs

e.g. 1 hour every fortnight for 6 sessions 

Feel Good Function Well: Strengthen your Wings

Our Feel Good Function Well Coaching services are available wherever you may in the world be via online video call. 


Face-to-face sessions are available in Kent, England. 

Do it your way!

We can combine these options or create a completely bespoke solution that fits your needs.

Just get in contact and we'd be happy to talk through what would work best for you and how we can support you!

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