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Companies - how can we help your employees to feel good and function well?

Our Coaching and Workshops are designed to improve individual, team and organisational performance through developing self leadership including increased levels of self-awareness and respect for others

Plant the Seed for Teams

Part 1 – Plant the Seed Coaching


Improving self-awareness is a great way to assess what is important to an individual and why they behave in certain ways.


Plant the Seed Coaching includes an intensive 1 hour coaching session focussed on an individual’s personality profile.


Identity is a self-perception questionnaire which looks at three main areas: Interpersonal, Thinking and Internal.  It gives a comprehensive report plus an insight into Leadership and Team Preferences, Jungian Type, Emotional Focus and Learning Styles. 


The cost for Plant the Seed Coaching is £125 per person

• Individual Identity licence and completion of online questionnaire

• Analysis of profile and preparation for 1:1 coaching

• A hard copy of the report given to the individual

• 1 hour of 1:1 coaching to explore responses

Part 2 – Plant the Seed Team Workshop (3 hours) 


To build upon the individual self-awareness you can bring a team together to explore everyone’s preferences collectively.


The aim is to create a robust team who have good self-awareness, respect for other team member’s and a commitment to work together to achieve shared objectives.  The workshop includes:


Section 1 – Self Reflection & Personal Effectiveness

Section 2 – Team Roles & Interactions

Section 3 – Team Review & Planning Objectives


The cost for a 3 hour Plant the Seed Workshop is £300


• Sections 1 and 2 tailored to the team’s personality profiles

• 3 hour facilitated workshop with the whole team  


Maximum of 12 delegates (additional costs apply for larger groups)

Part 3 – Evaluation & Impact (Optional Extra)

Specific evaluation criteria relating to impact in the workplace can be defined and costed accordingly on a case by case basis. 

Keynote Speaker

The 5 Pillars of RAW provide a variety of topics that are perfect for delivering a thought provoking and inspiring keynote speech.  

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can tailor the content to align with your event.  

One to One Coaching Packages

We can create a bespoke coaching package depending on the needs of your company.  

Coaching is a great development tool for

aspiring managers and those new to management.  


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